Commercial Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminum Windows are usually the first choice for timber/crittal metal replacement windows where a customer prefers thinner window profile. Aluminium windows can be installed with hardwood window surrounds or can be fixed directly into an opening.

Casement Windows

  • World’s best-selling windows in traditional Aluminium design
  • Combine fixed panes, top and side openings

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Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Practical and attractive
  • Open inwards from top or side
  • Allow excellent ventilation, and easy to clean

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Sliding Sash Windows

  • Elegant traditional sliding sash design, in aluminium
  • Historic looks combined with excellent security
  • Install new or as replacement

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Pivot Windows

  • Most modern type of windows in Aluminum.
  • Fixed in the center to open half in and half out.
  • Easy to clean

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Horizontal Sliding Windows

  • Practical and attractive
  • Slides open from Side to side
  • Allows excellent ventilation, and uninterrupted views

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Reversible Windows

  • Elegant Modern design, in Aluminum.
  • Sleek looks combined with excellent security.
  • Mainly for High rise buildings.

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