Cassette Glazing

Cassette Glazing

  • Cassette Glazing
  • Summary

The elements consist of separate cassettes with external glass beading, which is anchored to the bearing structure. There is no visible difference between the fixed parts and the open parts.

  • Cassette Glazing
  • Colour

You can choose from various white, black, brown, cherry and other RAL colours. In addition, dual options are also available, which combine the best elements of the window and door finish. Please note that these on-screen representations of colours are only intended as a guideline, and Galaxy Windows cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between on-screen and actual painted colour.

  • White
  • Oak(Cherry)
  • White and Oak(Cherry)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood) and White

  • Cassette Glazing
  • Glazing


  • offers a facade composed of cassettes with glazing beads

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