Structural Clamped

Curtainwall Structural Clamped

  • Structural Clamped
  • Summary

The glazing is directly clamped onto the aluminium bearing structure on the inside of the fa?e. The continuous joint is concealed by a narrow EPDM seal thus accentuating the whole effect. Because of the manner in which the glazing is clamped directly onto the structure, maximum incidence of light is obtained.

  • Structural Clamped
  • Colour

You can choose from various white, black, brown, cherry and other RAL colours. In addition, dual options are also available, which combine the best elements of the window and door finish. Please note that these on-screen representations of colours are only intended as a guideline, and Galaxy Windows cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between on-screen and actual painted colour.

  • White
  • Oak(Cherry)
  • White and Oak(Cherry)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood) and White

  • Structural Clamped
  • Glazing


  • designed to allow maximum light into a building.
  • offers several aesthetic variations each with its own individual style.
  • characterised by specialist frameless glass clamped to an internal structural grid and structural offset horizontal pivot vents

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