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Secondary glazing is ideal to reduce noise and draughts, and in the summer you can add a fly screen allowing you to leave your windows open at night. It is easy to fit, very affordable and being made from strong and slim aluminium will give many years of trouble-free service
There are two considerations when choosing your secondary glazing:- First is to look at the existing window and note how it opens and see if there are bars going vertically or horizontally through the window. If you have a sash window that slides up and down then the sash window will have a horizontal bar half way down the window. In this instance our vertical sliding secondary glazing can be made to match these windows – with the horizontal bar in the same place as that on the existing window. With the bars on both the existing and secondary windows aligned – the secondary glazing blends in with the existing window. We have fixed units, lift out units, horizontally sliding units, vertical sliding units and side hinged units – so that we can match any existing window. Secondly, you will need to decide how you will be fixing the secondary glazing. You can either mount it to the existing window, or mount it a small distance away from the existing window – attaching it to the “reveal”. Ideally you should mount it away from the existing window, this allows room for any handles on the existing window and also creates an air gap which helps both acoustic and thermal properties. The frame around the edge of the secondary glazing can be either wooden (referred to as “Subframe” or just the raw aluminium (referred to as “Economy”). Subframe is generally best for residential fittings and Economy is best suited to large contracts where it’s lower cost can be significant. The Subframe system is easy to mount, looks neat and comes with trims to cover fixing screws.

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What is Secondary Glazing ?

Secondary glazing involves adding a second window inside your property, next to the existing window. Each window is made to measure to match the appearance of you existing window. Your original windows remain untouched. Curtains and blinds remain unaffected most of the time. Our secondary glazing is designed to blend in with your existing windows. The slim aluminium frames are strong and durable providing many years of service.

What Does It Do ?

Reduces noise from outside – ideal to reduce traffic noise, plane noise etc.
Improves thermal insulation – reduce your heating bills and add comfort.
Reduces draughts

Where Is It Used ?

Busy areas where traffic noise is a nuisance – even when double glazing is already fitted.
Listed properties and properties within conservation areas are ideal where you are unable to modify the existing external windows.
Leasehold properties where changing the existing windows may be uneconomical.
Any window that needs noise reduction and/or draught reduction.

What Does It Look Like ?

Usually they are white or silver anodized aluminium. They are made from durable aluminium so they will not rot and require very little maintenance. As aluminium is a strong material the frames can be made slim so that it is less obtrusive. They come with covering trims so you don’t see any of your fixing screws and the units are often pre-drilled for easier installation.

Galaxy French Doors Special Features

  • White or Silver anodized Finish
  • 4mm Float Glass/ toughened glass where required to comply with FENSA requirements
  • MDF Face Fix Frame
  • Save a Tree,Buy Aluminium, to see the next Millennium.

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