Entrance Door

Entrance Door

  • Upvc Entrance Door
  • Glazing

Make a grand Entrance Door. We will provide you with our wide range of designs for front doors. Besides having the good looks they also provide a very high level of security with multi point Shoot Bolts/Dog Bolts and lever locking mechanism. You can choose from traditional styles, offering a wide range of solid or decorative glass panels, or you can select from a modern profile door that offers an extensive range of configurations.Your new door will have lots of style, advance security and safety glazing features combined with durability. All our entrance doors can be complemented with high security matching side panels retained by a high security glazing system.

  • Upvc Entrance Door
  • Colour

You can choose from White, Light Golden Oak, and Rosewood(Mahogany).In addition, dual options are also available, which combine the best elements of the White finish with the Light Golden Oak finish, or White with authentic appearance of hardwood on the outside, and white UPVC on the inside, white finish is often desirable, and the most Popular. 3 Main Colours available, other colours are available.

  • White
  • Oak(Cherry)
  • White and Oak(Cherry)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood)
  • Mahogany(Rosewood) and White

  • Upvc Entrance Door
  • Security

When it comes to windows, security is an important factor. The security features of our Tilt & Turn windows will bring you real peace of mind:

  • Stainless steel locking system:
  • one of the strongest and most durable systems on market.
  • Central deadbolt:
  • Steel deadbolt secures and protects the centre of the door.
  • Lock keeps screwed into steel reinforcement:
  • Unlike some lesser specified door system, all of the lock keeps are screwed into the steel reinforcement and not just the plastic.
  • Hardened steel hook bolts:
  • Two steel hook bolts fitted side of the door slide in opposite directions into locking keeps for added anti-lift security.
  • Roller cam locking:
  • Two bi-direction roller cams guide the lock into position and are used to help the door reduce noise and make a weather tight seal in its frame. They also act as an effective anti-lever device.
  • Dogbolts:
  • Two protruding dogbolts make the door equally secure on the hinge side by snugly fitting into an operture in the frames steel reinforcement.
  • All our Doors have high security Multipoint locking.
  • All locks and hinges used are recognised and approved by insurance companies
  • Additional Dogbolts are fitted on the hinge side for added safety Trickle vents can be installed for background and night ventilation
  • All Doors are beaded from inside, as security is paramount.

  • Upvc Entrance Door
  • Insulation

Here at Galaxy, we take insulation very seriously. We’ve have dedicated time looking for ways to reduce the heat loss that traditionally occurs from Windows and Doors. Using a blend of heavy inert gases inside our double glazing panels we have advances our sealed units to effectively create an invisible heat blanket (optional)

Advanced Technology

This technology in combination with ‘Low E’ glass creates a U-value (the measure of how much a material resists heat loss) down to a staggering 1.5W/m2K.

It’s amazing, this allows you to keep your home warmer, your bills lower and the environment safer.

When the sealed unit is combined with our casement window it achieves a whole window U value of 1.6 W/m2K which far exceeds the requirements of the 2006 edition of the Building Regulations which require a whole window U value of 2.0 W/m2K for replacement windows.

Comparative whole window U-values Single glazing, wooden frame 4.8 W/m2K. Air filled double glazing, PVC-U frame 3.1 W/m2K.

Galaxy Entrance Doors Special Features

  • Most popular type of Door is White Upvc.
  • Maintainance free, no painting needed.
  • Most secure door in the UK market.
  • Most Economical and Environmentally Friendly.
  • Save a Tree,Buy Upvc, windows doors and conservatories.

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